Swing Bridge

by The Turkey Buzzards

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released August 5, 2019


all rights reserved



The Turkey Buzzards Morro Bay, California

Dylan Nicholson (Greensboro, NC) and Eric Patterson (Lodi, CA) formed The Turkey Buzzards with a shared interest in the simple storytelling of classic and outlaw country.

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Track Name: Lost Boys
He sat down road worn and dusty
Stared into the flame of his campfire
He never cared much for anything steady
He showed up short on work and long on time
He traveled round working jobs a plenty
There wasn’t a trade he hadn’t tried
From pulling corks of wine to pouring cheap bourbon in a downtown dive
To saving lives or working on the ocean running survey lines
Last I heard he’s farming marijuana
Somewhere on the Humboldt County line
Living in a trailer next to what’s left of a motorcycle
Waiting on parts and peace of mind
I never knew if he was running from the last town

Or just rolling down the road to see what’s next
Following the breadcrumbs and picking up the pieces
But when he left they’d all wish him the best
The lost boy sat down road worn and weary
Stared into the flame of another fire
He never cared much for anything steady
He’s still short on work and long on time
Track Name: Half The Truth
Would you please
Cut off that TV
Instead just waste some of your time
With little old me

We could be fishing
The endless sea
Floating around
Knocking dust off some old memories

It keeps us from seeing the world outside
The news station’s got me distracted and feeling divided
I’d like the whole story the only shine light on their side
You can tell half the truth and not be called a liar

I’ve never been one
For choosing sides
All of my heroes
Lived outside the lines

What’s it take
For you to put down that phone
You can call it being social all you like
I never felt so alone

It keeps us from seeing the world outside
We only read stories when headlines prove us right
Atleast at the bar folks talk freely and look in your eye
You can tell half the truth and not be called a liar
Track Name: Swing Bridge
As a child I was in the back seat
Fighting with my family about what to eat
Heading out of Greensboro I-40 East
I was pushing for Bojangles they wanted Wendy’s
No bathroom breaks I can’t stop now
Son I been working all week just to hear the sound
Of the tires thumping on that old swing bridge
First one to spot it gets fifty cents
No luck no wave so I went fishing
Threw out a cast net pulled in some mud minnows
Tried to hook a flounder or a big ol’ drum
Caught twenty pin fish and headed back home

Now I’m older and much has changed
But the memories of those days they stay the same
I miss the tires thumping on that old swing bridge
And sandy bare feet at the Godwin’s Market
I still roll down the window for the tell tale smell
And to feel the marsh water flying heavy in the air
There’s no more tires thumping on that old swing bridge
But roller skating Doris is still on the south end
And I never got paid that fifty cents
Track Name: Idle Hands
Born in the south
Without a thing to prove
Learned to keep my head down
And stay on the move

If I’m sitting still
Demons run wild
Spinning stories
In my worried mind

These idle hands
Fit round a bottle fine

Working nights
On a hood cleaning crew
Drinking till the sunrise
When the job was through

Burnt out and lost
And missing you
Bought a one way ticket
And some flying shoes

These idle hands
Fit a bottle fine
But they’ll be shaking in the morning
Track Name: No Green Grass
There’s no green grass in California
Unless you’re looking for some good smoke
With the water that’s left they decided it best
To brew beer for that I’m thankful
Who needs a lawn if you’ve got the Pacific
The Sierras and the desert too
I’ll do a rain dance with a ice cold foamer
With a sunny golden hue I said hue
I like beer that’s yellow
I like beer that’s orange
I like beer that’s red brown or black

And if I’m drinking fast I’ll drink it warm
They make beer of every color here in the Golden State
Just like people when it comes to color
I do not discriminate
Hell no
Track Name: Out of State
Dale works a job at a cheap hotel
A few calm moments in the ocean air
Then he’s fixing the window from last years storm
And running off the junkies before the weather gets warm

The gettin’s only good till the leaves turn brown
Peak season In this coastal town
Could turn a Bible Belt church going mother to cussing
Come fall they’ll cut his hours back down to nothing

Out of state license plate going ten under
Driver says life here is so simple honey
Show me a man who says something's simple
And ill show you a man who ain't paying attention

Working doubles through the summer kept him out of trouble
Offseason and temptation bubbles
Winter winds blow and everything’s closed
Except the good time bad habit local drinking hole
Track Name: Sad Song & A Long Walk
Played a show to some rich folk
That didn't give a damn
A shot of tequila 
Washed down my disappointment
I was feeling low 
And I supposed things wouldn't get worse
Then some fancy man's wife 
Accused me of stealing her purse
My girl got mad took my truck
And sped down the road
That left just one place
For me to go

It took a sad song and a long walk 
To change the shape I was in

Walked to the bar
To see the honky tonk band
Caught the last song
It was a Townes Van Zandt
I was riding high
Till they hit the bright lights
And it was 17 miles on foot
Through a cold dark night
Might've called for a ride
If I had a phone
Though I never did mind
Being left alone
Track Name: Wasn't Your Day
There's a wise old fella could piece anything together
With his two hands nail wood and glue
He dreamed of a sailboat he guaranteed would float
The coastal water they call the Topsail Beach Sound
It took years and years of work a blood and sweat effort
For a sailboat built as true as any man could
He was ready to go but the wind would not show
So he hung his head and stared at that dry docked wood

Sometimes you give it your best shot
In the end all that you got
Is a stomach tied in knots
And life you forgot
Turns out it wasn't your day

There's a love drunk man doing everything he can
To provide for the woman he loves child on the way
He picked up the extra shift without showing one ounce of quit
So the boss man kicked him down a bit of extra pay
But all that extra work it created quite a thirst
So he'd stop off at the bar before heading home
And his wife said "you don't understand, money don't make a man"
So she left him like an old couch sitting on the side of the road
Track Name: Going Out Flying
I’m looking over a ledge
The first thing I think
Is hucking myself off the edge
Of that thing

Now I ain’t suicidal
I got stuck with a thrill seeking mind
I’d rather night die but wouldn’t mind
Going out flying

If my choices don’t kill me
Getting old will
What’s an after life
Without a story to tell

What if they’re wrong
And it all just fades to black
Well then going out flying
Don’t sound half bad

Some tumble through life
Toward enlightenment
Just shaking off the bad times like a dog
That got wet

Others grow cold
Ornry and mean
There’s an ugliness in the world that
Just can’t be unseen
Track Name: Till Morning Comes
I’m heading down to Scott's
To tie one on
Too much on my mind
I got to unwind
And get the beer flowing
Walking to a show
Under pale street light
Seen a pretty girl in leather
She told me heaven
Was like watching rock n roll

Heard a song
That made the world slow down
I don't need a thing
Found the truth in that sound
I was free from mistakes and the wrongs I've done
Even if it's only till morning comes

Well that night
I was lost in it all
Scott got wasted
Made friends with a waitress
And she took him home
I was walking alone
Seen some good old friends
Followed them back
For a nice long chat
And some late night sin

Some folks can make your world slow down
I don't need a thing when they're around
I was free from mistakes and the wrongs I've done
Even if it's only till morning comes
Might as well stay up till the morning comes
Track Name: Don't Die
Remember that time you put the sleeping pills in the advil bottle?
I sat on the couch and drooled for fifteen hours
Or the time I broke into the landfill found keys in the ignition
At twelve years I put that station wagon on two wheels
Little brother in the backseat I can still hear him laughing

The times I’ve feared for my life
Make for my best stories
So don’t die in the moment
And a swear we’ll look back and laugh

The road to Denver went from bad to worse real fast
When the van got sideways through that icy patch
Those tree trimmers they took us for a ride
Talked us into climbing mountains called it an easy hike
I never had a beer better than the one by that riverside

We spend a lot of time trying to survive a game of chicken with the ocean
We get run off while we’re fishing but will chase a storm to get a few waves
We were down by the rock on a big day and Cody Roadie caught a good one
A rogue wave caught Kyle and I by surprise
Well it pinned us on the bottom and I thought we were going to die
Track Name: Fredericktown
Raised in the boonies
A place called Fredericktown
Tall white girl with a fro
She stood out
Before long she found
A redheaded partner in crime
Top down and smoking
Rotgut bottle behind them

Without a fear in this world

I know a woman
Who never feared this world
Left behind Ohio
For a salty southern shore
Found a sailor
They were lovers in maritime
He’d bring some cold ones
She’d hop aboard with wine
Track Name: Spitting Venom
You say my problem is I’m too nice
I don’t remember asking for advice
Sometimes people just can’t agree
And getting all worked up looks exhausting to me
I got enough in my life that I believe to matter
And this venom that you’re spitting’s just some worthless chatter

You’re spitting venom for spitting venom’s sake
Got no solutions nothing interesting to say
Just spitting venom for spitting venom’s sake

It’s an addictive little poison you got spewing out your mouth
You spread it on to others till they all begin to shout
Find an easy target piece by piece tear them down
With the pieces build a tower and a shiny crown
If that’s how you get pleasure then who am I to judge
But I won’t be listening I got other ways to catch a buzz

The outlaws and the punks are quick to say what isn’t cool
Here I thought they were all about abandoning the rules
The politicking talking head is too much to bear
They hatred in his voice has got me pulling out my hair
By god they got me right when I thought I had it figured out
Now I’m just another red face foaming at the mouth

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